What is the TOEFL?

The TOEFL is the most widely used test that assesses your ability to use and understand English at the university level. It measures your English proficiency in 4 areas – listening, reading, speaking and writing.

Students who are seeking admission to a higher English education institution will most likely need to take the TOEFL in order to prove your English abilities. There are some institutions that require the TOEFL, and some do not.

Who takes the TOEFL test?

Why is the TOEFL important?

The TOEFL is accepted by more than 85000 institutions; it is the most commonly used English test that shows universities your proficiency in English.  Doing well on the TOEFL proves your knowledge in the English language to universities, and definitely increases your chance of gaining admission to top institutions.

When and where are the TOEFL exams held?
 Where to register for the TOEFL? Online TOEFL Test Registration –
 How is the TOEFL test scored?
 What TOEFL score is good enough to get into my top choice schools?

There are two types of TOEFL – the TOEFL internet based test (iBT) and then TOEFL paper based test (PBT); depends on the test center where you take the TOEFL.  Centers with internet access will offer the internet based test, and the ones that do not will give the paper based test.

There are 4 portions to the TOEFL test – listening, reading, speaking and writing.  The whole test will approximately take 4 hours to complete.

Sections Tasks Questions Time Limit
Reading Read 3-4 passages from academic texts and answer questions 36-56 questions 60-80 minutes
Listening Listen to conversations, classroom discussions and lectures, then answer the corresponding questions 34-51 questions 60-90 minutes
BREAK 10 minutes
Speaking Express an opinion on a familiar topic; speak based on reading and listening tasks 6 tasks 20 minutes
Writing Write 2 essays based on reading and listening tasks; support an opinion 2 tasks 50 minutes


Course Code Start Date End Date Days of Week Schedule
TOEFL 81 18 Aug, 2012 2 Oct, 2012 Tue, Thu – PM
TOEFL 82 18 Aug, 2012 21 Sep, 2012 M,W,F -PM
TOEFL 83 18 Aug, 2012 7 Oct, 2012 Sat, Sun -AM
TOEFL 91 1 Sep, 2012 25 Oct, 2012 Tue,Thu -PM
TOEFL 92 1 Sep, 2012 5 Oct, 2012 M,W,F -PM
TOEFL 93 1 Sep, 2012 21 Oct, 2012 Sat, Sun -AM
TOEFL 101 29 Sep, 2012 20 Nov, 2012 Tue,Thu -PM
TOEFL 102 6 Oct, 2012 9 Nov, 2012 M,W,F -PM
TOEFL 103 20 Oct, 2012 9 Dec, 2012 Sat, Sun -AM
TOEFL 111 24 Nov, 2012 15 Jan, 2013 Tue,Thu -PM
TOEFL 112 10 Nov, 2012 14 Dec, 2012 M,W,F -PM
TOEFL 113 3 Nov, 2012 23 Dec, 2012 Sat, Sun -AM

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