The SAT is one of the most widely accepted entrance tests that help students gain entrance into universities in the USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Thailand and many more countries.

SAGE Education’s SAT Program is a unique blend of passionate Tutors and thorough teaching materials. That’s why we can GUARANTEE Score Improvements!

Our SAT students on average improve 250 points, with the highest score improvement being 1140 point increase to an SAT score of 2380.

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All of our lessons are taught by trained SAT Tutors that understand how to teach the strategies necessary for you to ACE the SAT. Our classes balance an interactive learning environment, group discussions, and realistic mock test situations.

Why SAGE Education?
TOP Notch Tutors – Our tutors undergo a mandatory minimum 36-hour training course so that they understand how to teach you the strategies you need to succeed.
Small Group Classes – Maximum of 10 students to ensure that you get the attention you need.
Guaranteed Score Improvements – Our course works, so we can guarantee your success.
Accurate Test Assessments
Adaptive Curriculum


Why is the SAT important?

The SAT helps you get into top notch Universities The SAT will help you develop useful test taking skills that can be applied to other tests and areas of your life The SAT can open doors to many universities across the world If you are not sure where you want to apply to yet, taking the SAT will help keep your options open

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SAT Score in a Nutshell

SAT scores for Ivy Leagues Link: SAT scores for top liberal arts colleges Link: SAT scores for top public universities Link:

Writing Reading Mathematics
Lesson 1- ESSAY Lesson 5 – Reading Questions and Analysis Lesson 8 – Fundamentals & Arithmetic
Lesson 2 – Grammar & Mechanics Lesson 6 – Reading Techniques Lesson 9 – Algebra
Lesson 3 – Grammar & Mechanics Graphs & Charts Lesson 10 – Geometry
Lesson 4 -Grammar & Mechanics Lesson 7 – Graphs and Charts questions will be littered throughout the test. We will examine how to approach these questions systematically. Lesson 11 & 12 – Tailored made lessons for review (dependent on students’ weaknesses)
This course has online SAGE content that is available once you register at SAGE Education for an SAT course.
Amita Test Date: June 2012 I really enjoyed my time at SAGE and I had a lot of fun while learning new things as well. I feel a bit sad that I wont be coming back after finishing my SATs because the learning environment is wonderful. I’m glad to have been able to learn at SAGE and i am now confident i will be able to pass my SATs with flying colours. – Amita Bangkok Christian International School
Sean Test Date: January 2012 I came in firstly doing the SAT. MOCK test and scoring at 1,000 points. I didn’t know any technique, just sort of answered them. over the time i spent at SAGE, i started to understand the techniques and theory in order to do the SAT more successfully. My test scores gradually grew higher, and i know i was quite happy with that. Not only do i know how to answer question more quickly, but i also know the most important thing to the SAT is ELIMINATING!! – Sean Bangkok Patana School
Sid Test Date: January 2012 I am extremely statisfied with the services provided by SAGE. The teachers have been very helpful. SAGE has not only helped me bring my score up, but it also helped me improved my language skills. It is a great experience to study at the SAGE and its fun! – Sid Harrow International School