What is the IGCSE?

The IGCSE is an international curriculum for 14-16 year olds around the globe.  The IGCSE is a qualification that is internationally recognized by institutions and employers that is equivalent to England’s GCSE.  It is held by the Cambridge International Examinations, and is offered in more than 100 countries worldwide. The IGCSE is an international curriculum that encourages high academic standards, and  it serves to prove your academic abilities in more than 70 subject areas.   In some countries, the IGCSE may qualify for university admissions; however, in most countries, the IGCSE is only to prove your qualification for further academic curriculum, such as the A-Levels, AS, IB, or AP.

Why is the IGCSE important?

Taking the IGCSE can prove that you are capable for further education.  Being widely recognized by higher-education institutions, passing the IGCSE exams will gain you a certificate that is equivalent to the British GCSE and international O-Level examinations, proving your proficiency in the subject areas that you have taken.

When are the IGCSE exams held?



Please visit the link below for the exact dates of the IGCSE exams:


Where to register for the IGCSE?

Candidates must complete the registration form for the IGCSE.  You can get an application from the Examination Services in Thailand, or it can be downloaded from the Thailand British Council website (provided below).  The website also provides information about examination dates and fees.


What IGCSE score is good enough?

Grade C is usually the passing point for the Cambridge IGCSE exams, and it satisfies the English Proficiency Requirements for many colleges and universities in the United Kingdom.  Students who are seeking admission to universities in the UK are often required to have 5 IGCSE passes in addition to 2 or 3 A-Level subjects.  However, it is strongly recommended to check with your schools how many IGCSE passes they require as it may differ from university to university.

Test Format

The Cambridge IGCSE includes oral and writing assessments, coursework and practical evaluations. The format of the IGCSE depends on the different subjects that are offered. Despite the contents vary and differ in the subject areas, the grading system remains the same for all the subjects. Each test taker’s performance on the IGCSE is evaluated with an A* – G scale (A* being the highest grade, and G being the lowest).

IGCSE Subjects:

The IGCSE offers subjects in the areas of language, mathematics, science, social sciences, humanities, art and technology. The following link shows the list of subjects that students can choose from: http://goo.gl/n9KpP

Course Code Topics Month Days of Week Target IGCSE Test Date Schedule
IGCSE ESL, Chemistry, Economics, Physics, Business Studies, Mathematics, English Literature, Biology, Combined Science July 2012 Mon-Sun Oct/Nov 2012
IGCSE ESL, Chemistry, Economics, Physics, Business Studies, Mathematics, English Literature, Biology, Combined Science August 2012 Mon-Sun Oct/Nov 2012