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"When I came to Sage Education 9 months ago my Spanish IGCSE’s were creeping up fast. I was incredibly nervous for all my exams, but especially for Spanish as languages have never been a strong suit of mine. I began attending lessons with Tyler once a week and then as my exams grew closers, two or three times per week. In my way of learning, I always find myself asking “But why?” and generally in class with limited time and ten other students also in the lesson, the teacher would just reply “Because it is – you just need to memorise it”…which isn’t very helpful. However in one on one lessons with Tyler I was able to get deeper into the rules of the language and spend more time on areas that I struggled on. Tyler was brilliant at answering all my ‘silly’ questions and supplying multiple examples until I felt comfortable with each particular area. What I found of great use is the number of past paper exercises Tyler and I worked through. I began to clearly see an improvement in my level of understanding and I was more capable of recognising some of the rules of Spanish in reading passages. I was set homework which Tyler would go through with me in the next lesson in detail, which to have the same amount of attention from at teacher in a large class is simply not possible. I’ve now taken my IGCSE’s and although I don’t have the results yet, I feel positive that they went really well. I was taken back by the amount I have improved and I know if I had not come to Sage and done my own revision instead, I would have struggled in the exams. I would highly recommend Sage Education to other students who feel they have a weakness in a particular subject. They are flexible with their timings, extremely helpful and have an overall good learning atmosphere."

Bangkok Patana School


I was introduced to SAGE by a friend, who said that her SAT scores went up and that she learned more than she had ever learned before. The teachers are nice and the environment is good for studying too. I was encouraged to take test and I was able to tackle the questions the SAT threw at me!

NIST International School

Aya H.

I am extremely statisfied with the services provided by SAGE. The teachers have been very helpful. SAGE has not only helped me bring my score up, but it also helped me improved my language skills. It is a great experience to study at the SAGE and its fun!

Harrow International School


I came in firstly doing the SAT. MOCK test and scoring at 1,000 points. I didn’t know any technique, just sort of answered them. over the time i spent at SAGE, i started to understand the techniques and theory in order to do the SAT more successfully. My test scores gradually grew higher, and i know i was quite happy with that. Not only do i know how to answer question more quickly, but i also know the most important thing to the SAT is ELIMINATING!!

Bangkok Patana School


I really enjoyed my time at SAGE and I had a lot of fun while learning new things as well. I feel a bit sad that I wont be coming back after finishing my SATs because the learning environment is wonderful. I’m glad to have been able to learn at SAGE and i am now confident i will be able to pass my SATs with flying colours.

Bangkok Christian International School