English Programs

Success in today’s every shrinking, global marketplace is also predicated upon one’s ability to communicate. This means that proficiency in English is a prerequisite for all higher pursuits, be it academic, professional, or in some cases, purely social. The English portion of our offering is an essential component of our syllabus.


Critical Thinking Course

This course will aim to help students develop necessary critical thinking skills and apply it to their ability to write. Bloom’s Taxonomy is a classification of questioning according to six levels of higher level thinking. Our tutors use Bloom’s Taxonomy in preparing lesson objectives for children. This will help students understand what they are learning.

This course will cover:

– English Grammar & Sentence Structure

– Developing comparison and interpretive language

– Organizing ideas

– Evaluating and defending their own opinions

– Story continuation and prediction

– Compare and Contrast Essays

– Argumentative Essays

– Persuasive Essays




This course will help students discover information and ideas within a text. We will use passages from popular reading texts to help students develop careful, active, reflective and analytical reading skills. We will teach students how to discover the meaning of words through context and usage.

This course will cover:

– defining terms from context

– finding evidence that supports ideas

– explaining cause and effect

– developing vocabulary

– finding main ideas and conclusions

– Strategies that encourage students to read

– testing and task driven strategies

– Texts and excerpts from popular literary works

– Understanding Roots, Prefixes & Suffixes

– Reading Critically

– Rhetorical reading strategies

– Reading in different voices




We only offer private instruction or small group classes.

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