Our Goal

SAGE Education’s consultants are dedicated to your Admissions success. Our aim is to get you into the school you will thrive in and to prepare you for the highest scholastic programs in the US and the UK.

Our expert consultants have studied in Top Universities such as Stanford University, Brown University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, MIT, INSEAD, and many more…  Our consultants are familiar with what each school is looking for as well as how to get in. Let SAGE’s consultants work together with you to build a portfolio with you that guarantees your success.

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Steps to your Application Success

1. FREE 1-hr Assessment and Consultancy Session

  • During the session, we will evaluate the following:
    • high school / college transcript
    • SAT / ACT / GMAT / GRE / LSAT / MCAT scores
    • extra-curricular activities / volunteer experiences / professional affiliations
    • resume
    • writing sample
  • Make some recommendations on how to strengthen your portfolio for your application
  • Create a timeline for your tests / essays / application submission

2. Research and Create a School List that Matches Your Career Objectives

  • Candidates may need to take a strengths assessment test

3. Academic and Standardized Test Preparation

  • Included in the Admissions Consultancy package are test preparation courses for: SAT / ACT / GMAT / GRE / TOEFL / IELTS / LSAT that will help you get the score your need to get into your schools of choice.
  • Courses may be Private, Group or Combined lessons dependent on your Consultant’s recommendations.

4. Guidance through your essays and personal statements

  • Your essay is how the school gets to know you personally, aside from your academics, test scores, and extracurricular activities.
  • We will work with you to convey your strengths and communicate your story through your written tasks. At the end of the essays review, you will be able to apply your writing skills other areas of your life and appreciate writing as an art.

5. Mock Interviews

  • Our Expert Consultants, who come from top notch universities, understand the application process and how to get into top notch schools.
  • Our consultants have experience with interview questions and will help your get into your ideal school.

6. Follow Up

  • After the applications process, SAGE will continue to work with you until you have received your acceptance letters.
  • We will work with you on your follow up and appeal letters if necessary.