About Us

Sage Education is Thailand’s leading test preparation and tutoring center in Thailand. Improve your academic scores with us – GUARANTEED results!


Sage Education helps students achieve their highest intellectual ability through tailored courses and exceptional teachers that care about your educational and personal success.


Success in today’s ever shrinking, global marketplace is also predicated upon one’s ability to communicate. This means that proficiency in English is a prerequisite for all higher pursuits, be it academic, professional or in some cases purely social. The English portion of our offering is an essential component of our syllabus.

Our differentiation stems from our cognitive thinking exercises, experiential teaching techniques, and multidisciplinary content. We are an institute where students learn how to think, grow intellectually and emotionally, and acquire the skills necessary to fulfill their life goals. We will continue to work with students through their stages of development, including university admissions counseling and test preparation courses, while offering customized classes designed to enhance their strengths and shore up their weaknesses.

Individuals who pass through the SAGE Education programs will not only have the best preparation for success within the material and hierarchical society that we live in, but they will also attain balance of mind, body, and spirit, all in a warm, accepting, and enjoyable environment.